Eric Everard 2012-12-12

Artexis Group ökar tvåsiffrigt trots det ekonomiska läget

Brussels, 29 November 2012 – Artexis Group, whose core business is organising trade fairs and managing exhibition halls, continues to grow, increasing its presence in Belgium and Sweden. “This double-digit growth should be confirmed for the current tax year, which will close on 30 June 2013, as well.” Says Eric Everard, CEO Artexis Group.

Some facts about the sector in Belgium and abroad
Despite the difficult economic context, Artexis Group booked revenues of € 80 million in the financial year that closed on 30 June 2012 up more than 12%. Artexis’ EBITDA has increased 40% to € 8.8 million.

The results of the trade fairs we organise and the expansion of our activities into the Nordic countries have both contributed to these excellent results, explains Eric Everard, CEO of Artexis Group.

“Faced with the big German and British actors, our strategy is to organise innovation-oriented trade fairs that are very reasonably priced for the exhibitors. This approach is bearing fruit and meets a demand in the market, which means we can seize opportunities and strengthen our presence both in Belgium and across Europe.”

Positive outlook for 2012-2013

In Belgium, the recent renewal of the operating concession for Namur expo confirms the Group’foothold. In fact, Artexis has just managed to get an extension of the concession to run the exhibition halls in Namur for a period of 20 years, and that was after a European call for tenders, too. “This new concession strengthens the activities of our subsidiary, Artexis Expo, which is based in Namur and is completely dedicated to the development of the Group in Wallonia , says Eric Everard.

On the international scene, Artexis Group has considerably strengthened its presence in Sweden , in particular by winning the tender to manage the completely newly built exhibition hall in Malmö, and by taking over the management of an exhibition hall in Stockholm as well as some trade fairs that are organised there. These developments have had an impact on the results to 30 June 2012, but their full impact will be felt in the current financial year.

Furthermore, Artexis Group’s Scandinavian subsidiary, Artexis Nordic, recently acquired property management trade fairs in Sweden. “Specifically, we acquired three trade fairs dedicated to property management. These are organised on an alternating basis in Stockholm, Malmö and Göteborg. They fit perfectly into our portfolio of trade fairs associated with the construction business,” Eric Everard explains.

Finally, Artexis is currently engaged in the international development of the “Tank Storage” fairs, which cover everything relating to the storage of hydrocarbons. “A year ago we took over StocExpo, a fair organised alternately in Antwerp and Rotterdam. Our intention is to develop similar fairs in other regions of the world, based on this Europeanmodel. We have already organised one in Calgary (Canada) in October 2012 and another will open next week in Singapore.  We are studying other possibilities for 2013, in Germany and Turkey, for example.”

These different projects should once again ensure double-digit growth in the current tax year, which will close on 30 June 2013.

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