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Artexis is a part of the Belgian Artexis Group. Artexis has two exhibition facilities in Sweden.

Kistamässan in Stockholm and Malmö Exhibition in Malmö.

EasyFairs Nordic, Sweden's largest trade fair organizer of B2B trade shows, is also a part Artexis Group.


Kistamässan is the accessible and innovative meeting place for personal meetings, experiences and exchange of knowledge and ideas.

Our goal is to create the meeting place for the future and making the visions and ideas into reality – regardless the mission. Our ambition is to be the leading meeting arena under the slogan – Sweden’s most central meeting and event venue!

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Malmömässan is only 15 minutes from Copenhagen. The fair opened the first of February 2012. Malmömässan is 20 000 square meters and is suitable for exhibitions, congresses and corporate events.

Malmömässan is one of the most modern stadiums in Europe and built in accordance with the Green Building Guidelines.

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Our fairs

  • The pharmacy industries meeting place

    The pharmacy industries meeting place

    With pharmaceuticals, personal care products and knowledge in focus.

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  • Buying Properties Abroad

    Buying Properties Abroad

    The biggest exhibition about Buying Properties Abroad in the Nordic Region.

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  • Sveriges Bageri & Konditorimässa

    Sveriges Bageri & Konditorimässa

    Sveriges Bageri & Konditorimässa is a unique forum for the bakery and confectionery industry. Here are new contacts created, products are presented and inspiration is given.

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    This year´s event for the IT department!

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  • Ekonomi & Företag

    Ekonomi & Företag

    Ekonomi & Företag is a yearly meeting point for networking and new knowledge within economics and entrepreneurship.

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  • Buying Properties Abroad

    Buying Properties Abroad

    The biggest exhibition about Buying Properties Abroad in the Nordic Region

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  • Thomee

    Thomée Mässan

    Thomée Gruppen är en fristående grossist som förser järn- och byggfackhandeln med byggförnödenheter. På branschens bästa mässa ger vi våra kunder möjlighet att se och lära mer om produkter och butikslösningar samt få information om produktnyheter.

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  • The Nordic Golf Show

    The Nordic Golf Show

    Welcome to The Nordic Golf Show, the trade fair for the golf industry in the Nordic Region.

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  • Antik & Kuriosa

    Antiques & Curiosities

    Welcome to the fair where you will find everything from pins to Gustavian furniture. Everything you see is for sale.

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  • Golfstore


    Organized by Golfstore Group AB

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  • Clean and Facility

    Clean and Facility

    Clean är Nordens ledande fackmässa för städbranschen.
    Facility Nordicdagarna är den ledande mötesplatsen för facilitybranschen.

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  •  Bostadsrättsmässan Malmö

    Bostadsrättsmässan Malmö

    Bostadsrättsmässan is an exhibition for owners of co-operative apartments and boardmembers of the administration of co-operative apartments.

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  • Skoldagarna


    Welcome to Skoldagarna at Malmömässan, a trade show with seminars for all teachers and school leaders.

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  • Pack & Emballage, easyFairs

    Pack & Emballage, easyFairs

    A unique opportunity for everyone who has anything to do with the production and packaging of their company's goods.

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    Logistik 2014, Easy Fairs

    LOGISTIK 2014 is Sweden’s trade show for transportation, logistics and supply chain solutions

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  • Bröllopsmässan at Malmömässan


    Sweden's most beautiful Bridal Fair for the 15th year - hitting in October its doors to new Malmömässan and arranges for the 5th year in Malmö a wedding fair with a completely new concept, new setting and an unforgettable experience. An experience marked by romance, beauty and inspiration!

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  • Elmässan, easyFairs

    Elmässan, easyFairs

    Elmässan is the premiere trade show for everybody involved in electrical installation, power supply, data cabling, digital connectivity and lighting.

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  • Natural Products Scandinavia

    Natural Products Scandinavia

    Natural Products Scandinavia is an international trade show that displays natural products, health food and natural beauty in Scandinavia.

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  • Comic Con Stockholm 2014

    Comic Con Stockholm 2014

    Comic Con is the place to be for anyone who loves movies, tv series, comic books and gaming.

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  • Xtreme Sport - Malmö

    Xtreme Sport - Malmö

    During the autumn break in 2014, we gather exhibitors, artists and visitors to Malmömässan to take advantage of products and shows about anything related to extreme sports - Welcome

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  • M2M Summit Scandinavia

    M2M Summit Scandinavia

    After the successful kick-off event in 2013, the M2M Summit Scandinavia will once again present top themes and current technical innovation in a conference with accompanying exhibition covering the fascinating field of Machine to Machine Communication. The M2M Summit Scandinavia is co-located with and adds a new dimension to the established Embedded Conference Scandinavia (ECS).

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  • Embedded Conference Scandinavia

    Embedded Conference Scandinavia

    2014 it is time for the ninth edition of Embedded Conference Scandinavia, the two-day conference that covers all the hot topics in the world of embedded.

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  • Svettisdagarna 2014

    Svettisdagarna 2014

    A fitness convention for Sweden's largest non-profit organization and it's members.

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  • FRI 2014

    FRI 2014

    FRI slår upp portarna i ny tappning i Malmö hösten 2014. Det är mötesplatsen där leverantörer av hjälpmedelsprodukter och -tjänster möter förskrivare, brukare och kollegor i branschen.

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  • InnoConference


    The InnoConference is targeting decision makers and within areas of sustainable development. The conference will make it possible for young people to interact with the participants for influencing future decisions.

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  • InnoCarnival Skåne 2014

    InnoCarnival Skåne 2014

    InnoCarnival Skåne is a public event showing young people´s ideas for a sustainable future

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  • Sweden Bike Expo

    Sweden Bike Expo

    Everything for both racing and commuting enthusiasts

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  • Microsoft Techdays 2014 - Shaping the future

    Microsoft Techdays

    The biggest conference in Sweden for everybody who works with Microsoft's products, platforms and solutions. Inspiration, knowledge and networking.

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  • Sacomässan


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  • New-Tech


    Everything from smart homes technology to solar powered cars, chainless bikes to 3D printers, robotics and mechatronics to astronomy. New-Tech – the future technology and science show - is an exhibition, a show and an educational experience covering innovative solutions for the entire family. New-Tech is partly a traditional exhibition where you can see, touch and buy, and partly interactive displays where whatever your age there will be something to challenge your imagination.

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  • Mat för livet

    Mat för livet

    Public exhibition for gluten, lactose, milk and soy intolerant.

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  • OnTheFlea Megaloppis

    OnTheFlea Megaloppis

    OnTheFlea Megaloppis

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  • Pet fair

    Pet fair

    The meeting place that put the pets in focus.

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  • Promotionmässan Vår 2015

    Promotionmässan Vår 2015

    The Nordic countrie's meeting place for profile and promotional products.

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  • Möten & Events, easyFairs

    Möten & Events

    The show for people who arrange meetings, book travels and organize conferences, now in Malmö!

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  • Mötesplats Välfärdsteknologi och e-hälsa

    Mötesplats Välfärdsteknologi och e-hälsa

    Mötesplats Välfärdteknologi & e-hälsa 2015 is a forum for the development of Community Care and eHealth.

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  • Fastfood & Café, easyFairs

    Fastfood & Café, easyFairs

    Trade fair for fastfood- and café industry.

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  • Restaurant Expo, easyFairs

    Restaurant Expo

    The most important meeting place for chefs, restaurateurs, chefs and their suppliers Food Expo.

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  • Active Öresund

    Active Öresund

    Be inspired to get active! At Active Öresund you will find seminars frome around the globe, the latest gadgets and the opportunity to try a lot of exciting activities.

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  • Sign & Print Scandinavia

    Sign & Print Scandinavia

    The leading trade fair in signs, large format exposure and digital signage.

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  • Mila - lantbrukarens egen mässan


    The spring venue for the Southern Swedish farmers. It offers products and services for modern agriculture with a focus on animal husbandry and livestock.

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  • Caravan Stockholm

    Caravan Stockholm

    Public fair with the latest caravan and motorhome models and accessories. The visitors are greeted by a wide selection of everything related to camping.

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  • Personal & Chef, easyFairs

    Personal & Chef, easyFairs

    The largest meeting place in the Nordic region for everyone that is working with and leading staff

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  • Meetings & Events, easyFairs

    Meetings & events

    Sweden's largest and most important trade fair for the meeting industry.

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  • Buying Properties Abroad

    Buying Properties Abroad

    The biggest exhibition about Buying Properties Abroad in the Nordic Region

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    Fordonsverkstad 2015 is a sales event and a meeting place for suppliers and buyers from the car workshop industry in the Stockholm region.

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  • Stora Villamässan

    Stora Villamässan

    På Stora Villamässan möter du utställarna som har det du behöver för det stora eller lilla projektet.

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  • Vår trädgård

    Vår Trädgård

    Har du en dröm om hur just din trädgård skulle kunna bli? På Vår Trädgård kan du komma lite närmare ditt mål.

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  • Malmö Beer & Whisky Festival

    Malmö Beer & Whisky Festival

    Don’t miss next year’s beer and whisky event in southern Sweden! Come and join us!

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  • Fastighetsmässan, easyFairs


    Stockholm's most important meeting place for the property sector

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  • Butiksleverantör, easyFairs


    The trade fair Butiksleverantör is the meeting place for the trade and the largest retail provider fair.

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  • E-commerce Stockholm, easyFairs

    E-commerce Stockholm

    The Fair that makes you a winner on the digital market

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  • Automation, Sverige/Danmark 2015


    Welcome to AUTOMATION – the largest and most important meeting place in Sweden and Denmark focusing on innovations and products within food production and processing technology.

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  • Empack 2015


    A unique opportunity for everyone who has anything to do with the production and packaging of their company's goods.

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  • Logistik Sweden/Denmark 2015


    Welcome to LOGISTIK – Sweden and Denmark's most comprehensive industrial forum!

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  • Hundutställning

    Dog show

    Arranged by Sydskånska Kennelklubben

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  • Svensk Vinnare

    Svensk Vinnare

    Stockholms kennel club arranges the easter dog show with 4000 dogs during 3 days.

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  • SETT2015


    Scandinavia's trade show about digital learning, educational products and solutions for schools. In cooperation with Rektorsakademin.

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  • Byggmässan, easyFairs


    The construction fair that focuses on creating business opportunities and networks!

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  • VVS-mässan, easyFairs


    Welcome to THE meeting place in southern Sweden and Copenhagen / Själland for anyone involved in Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning.

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